Urban Development

With a firm grasp of local zoning laws and regulations, master plans, conceptual plans, land-use studies, etc., ACA is more than equipped to coordinate, manage, and review, statutory urban and district planning.

Our Urban Design Services also provide advice and guidance on numerous Municipal planning issues, such as land severance applications, varying zoning by-laws, by-law changes, amendments to the official plans, Planning Ordinances compliance, etc.

Urban Planning

  • ACA Alliance will provide the following urban planning services.
  • Preparation of land severance application reports / plans.
  • Preparation of site plans, indicating the regional impact and how potential problems can be addressed overcome.
  • Preparation of revitalization study reports and plans for existing residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods.
  • Conducting of downtown revitalization studies, including facade designs, signage, sidewalk improvement, street furniture and landscape design, ensuring an aesthetically uniform result.
  • Advise land owners on planning matters and procedures, legislative requirements, provincial policy statements and relevant guidelines.
  • Representing Clients in legislative tribunals, provincial and local agencies, and special interest groups.
  • Preparation of environmental review checklists, which includes researching the history of the site and business activities, the description of all adjoining properties and their uses (past and present).

Land Use Planning

ACA Alliance provides consulting services with regard to land use planning and design, ensuring that the optimum development strategy is applied to each project. Our projects have always had a history of integrating successfully with their geography.

If the situation requires it, ACA Alliance will prepare environmental assessment forms, natural resource inventories, historical/archaeological studies, and environmental impact statements.

ACA provides the following land use planning services:

  • Land Suitability Analysis.
  • Groundwater Management Plans.
  • Natural Resources & Land Use Inventories.
  • Public Involvement & Facilitation.
  • Environmental Site Assessments.
  • Representing Clients in legislative tribunals, provincial and local agencies, and special interest groups.
  • Preparation of environmental review checklists, which includes researching the history of the site and business activities, the description of all adjoining properties and their uses (past and present), the regulatory matters and the specific environmental concerns.

Site Planning

ACA's Site planning services provides a detailed land planning, in contrast to Master Planning which only conveys an overall development concept. Site Plans are equivalent to architectural masters in project development. Site planning is the groundwork done for a new project, utilizing man-made objects combined with the natural elements of the site. These include topography, water, climate, wildlife, and plant materials in an aesthetic, orderly, and ecologically sensitive way.

Our Site planning services typically focus on:

  • Layout and parceling of land.
  • Building sitting or "footprints.
  • Internal road /encroachment/ right of way pedestrian networks.
  • Three dimensional aspects of the built environment, including the placement of infrastructure and architectural and landscape design considerations.

Architectural Design Review

Our dedicated and experienced team of architects and designers will review, interpret, and develop ideas and suggest improvements to your designs and offer innovative architectural design solutions.

Our team has worked on the design reviews of a wide range of buildings. We also offer design review services in the refurbishment and re-use of older structures.

Structural Design Review

ACA's Structural engineering review services cover a wide range of projects, including Multi-story Residential , Commercial, Office and Industrial Buildings, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Sport and Theater Complexes, Chemical Plants, Refrigeration Buildings, Military Facilities, Foundations, Bridges, and Special Structures.

ACA reviews the design of existing structures with a view to maximize functionality and architectural appeal, while keeping the re-construction process as simple as possible

We offer the following structural design review services:

  • Foundation Design.
  • Structural Shop Drawings.
  • Structural Inspections, Rehabilitation and repair of buildings, dams, bridges, etc.
  • Analysis of stress and strain, analysis of vibration, finite element analysis, strength analysis, damage tolerance analysis of metal and composite structures.
  • Design of concrete, steel, and timber structures.
  • Bridge design, inspection and rating.
  • Lateral Design and Seismic Renovation.
  • Design of retaining walls, bridges, box culverts.
  • Design of support steel for monorail and bridge crane systems in material handling and process operations.
  • Design of building expansions
  • Design of concrete foundation systems for static and dynamic equipment or machinery loads.
  • Masonry design for commercial buildings.
  • Design of retention structures.
  • Designs of bridges, dams, and underground tanks.
  • Interior floor slab design to accommodate stack storage and vehicular traffic.
  • Foundation system design for pre engineered.
  • Metal buildings.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the discipline of applying artistic and scientific principles to planning, design, and management of natural and man-made environments. ACA's landscape architecture services include overall conceptual and landscape planning for commercial or industrial plots, parks, resorts, and residential communities.

Based on your project’s landscape architecture requirements, ACA will design and create the perfect balance between the natural design elements, irrigation, construction materials, and infrastructure. The result would be an environment that is safe, useful, and aesthetically gratifying.

We provide the following Landscape Architecture services

  • Landscaping for master plans.
  • Urban, Residential and resort landscape design.
  • Ecological planning.
  • Open space planning and design.
  • Recreational planning and design.
  • Water feature planning and design.
  • Waterfront landscape design.
  • Exterior hardscape design.
  • Planting and irrigation design.
  • Landscape maintenance and remedial programming.

Mechanical Design

ACA's Mechanical design services include HVAC engineering (heating, ventilating, air conditioning), plumbing, engineering, and fire protection services for commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial buildings. We also specialize in upgrading Piping and HVAC systems.

Our services also involve designing and inspection of the installation with close monitoring of the mechanical components. We produce high quality designs and work drawings that are used to guide our construction teams.

Furthermore, ACA can assist the client's maintenance personnel to understand the mechanical equipment, systems, and operations.

ACA provides the following mechanical design services:

  • Mechanical Analysis: energy analysis, thermal stress analysis.
  • Hydraulic Sprinkler Design.
  • Building Automation System.
  • Boiler Plant Conversions.
  • Fire & Domestic Water Pumping Station.
  • Sanitary & Storm Force Main System.
  • Water Filtering & Water Treatment System.
  • Boiler and chiller system.
  • Cooling tower.
  • Thermal stress analysis.
  • Process Exhaust System.
  • Night Ventilation System.
  • Conventional Plumbing System.
  • Process Waste System.
  • High-Purity Process Gas System.
  • HVAC System Design.
  • Air Distribution and Control System.
  • Seismic Constraints of Piping, Ductwork, and Conduit.
  • Water Supply, Venting, and Drainage.
  • Fire Protection and Alarm Systems.

Electrical Design

ACA provides both, high-tech and simple, electrical design services to commercial, institutional, health care, and industrial facilities. We also provide clients the option of installing systems that would be able to accommodate more sophisticated electrical components in the future.

ACA’s electrical design services includes:

  • Lighting distribution.
  • Telephone networks.
  • Low voltage systems, such as those used for public addresses and computer and security systems and networks.
  • Generators
  • Programmable logic controllers Industrial computer systems programming.
  • Power supply and distribution.
  • Emergency and standby power supplies, generators, separate utility feeders, and manual or automatic transfer systems.
  • Industrial and commercial lighting.
  • Industrial, institutional and commercial electrical energy management and conservation consultation.
  • Troubleshooting, programming, and start-up assistance for new or remodeled electrical and control systems.

Quantity Surveying

Essentially related to the pre-construction phase of projects, Quantity Surveying on the whole entails a range of services. ACA's Quantity Surveying Department assists clients in the development, acquisition, construction, and disposal of property.

Our quantity surveyors are also financial consultants in the construction industry, whose training and experience qualify them to advise on cost and contractual arrangements. They are also qualified to prepare contracts and other legally binding documents.

ACA provides the following Quantity Surveying services:

  • Budget Preparation and Cost Planning.
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
  • Checking Bond/Guarantees.
  • Valuation of Variations and Day Works.
  • Site Measurements.
  • Interim Valuations.
  • Final Accounts.